Lars Klit, b. 1965, is a Danish composer who studied with among others Hans Abrahamsen and Ib Nørholm. Klit likes to use his experience as a rock guitarist in works inspired by sounds, with unconventional instrumentation, like e.g. the horror chamber opera The Last Virtuoso and Sentinel, a concerto for electric guitar. Since the late 1990’s he has particularly distinguished himself with the chamber operas Catwalk (1997), Anatomical Opera (1998), and The Last Virtuoso (Der letzte Virtuose, 1999), and lately the chamber work CALEIDOSCOPIO DEL DUENDECILLO (2012). He was awarded the Wilhelm Hansen Composer’s Prize in 2001.


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IN UTERO - concerto for electic guitar and orchestra

A work in progress with a long period of gestation is nearing its completion
The work, which was begun in 1990, is nearing the double bar. As part of the work REFLECTIONS, Lars Klit composed the movement EVER ON DRY SAND. During the 1990’s the composer repeatedly tried to finish the work – unsuccessfully. With financial support from Danish Composers’ Society it has finally become possible to finish REFLECTIONS, which in the meantime has changed its name to IN UTERO, mainly due to radical modifications of both the musical and instrumental structures. Lars Klit considers IN UTERO to be the prototypal work of his later style, which to a much higher degree emanates from the spectral paradigm.

FURUI OBAKEYASHI - Athelas Sinfonietta

Athelas Kammerensemble
Commission finished and delivered
A new work for Athelas Sinfonietta has now become reality. The bulk of the work was finished in February 2016, and during the following months Furui Obakeyashi has been given the finishing touches. The first performance will take place on November 1st 2016 at 8 pm at “The Black Diamond”, the Royal Danish Library, Copenhagen. Further info at: Le sublime – desert, spirits and black sun

Commission – Athelas Sinfonietta

Athelas Kammerensemble
Started work on a new commission from the Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen.
“The wish to compose the work where all musical parameters form a synthesis has always occupied composers. Over time the “Gesamtkunstwerk” has turned into a myth which may really have covered up the artistic demand for musical development. Still, the thought has been on my mind for several years. My efforts, however, tend towards a more specific direction – spectral music, composition with overtones”.

Work on opera in progress

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The first stage of Klit’s German opera project is finished. The material is on its way to Germany.
“The scoring is somewhat unconventional, being adapted to the spectral musical material. It has been an exciting cohesive process with new angles on both libretto and music.”